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Perfection.AI is an AI-based technology for game developers changing the way games are created by:

- enabling the creation of Personalized Game Experiences for players by using quantifiable data

- Saving Time by boosting development velocity. Create a level in 2 minutes rather than 2 days

- Speeding up the iteration cycle: daily updates rather than monthly

- changing the game developers focus from technical micro-level decisions to emotional High-Level Decisions

As game developers ourselves we know what it's mean to assure that quality of Your game matches Your players' expectations. It is a hard work that requires a lot of time & human resources. We are here to simplify the optimization process & make your job easier.

Perfection.AI can be used for:

  • Gameplay optimization;

  • Content personalization;

  • In-game marketing automatization;

  • NPC behaviour modeling;

  • Custom AI applications.

Core benefits:

  • Lower risk (faster to market)

  • Higher engagement (frequent updates)

  • Better market fit (personalization)

  • Higher quality (gameplay balancing)

  • Novel design possibilities (development augmentation)