Our primary client is a company from Russia, developing 3D free-2-play sandbox social shooter, reminiscent of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series. Perfection.AI will play key role in differentiating this game from other shooters.

Our goals for this game are:

  • Personal user experience control;
  • Battle flow control;
  • Revenue control;
  • Enemy AI, NPC.

Battle Towers

Our secondary project is 3D RTS for mobile devices - Battle Towers, developed by Outlander Studios and published by Game Insight. The game is already released and available on Android, iOS and WebGL platforms.

Our goals for this game are:

  • Gameplay optimization;
  • Multiplayer balance.


Our research partner is SneakyBox,the awards winning, digital product agency focusing on the areas of innovation and digital development.

Our goals for this partnership are:

  • Identify new game development problems, suitable for optimization;
  • Refine Perfection.AI API for external usage.